Squamish – Is that even a place?

When I first met Josh he was planning to go to Canada mountain biking, so I'd heard a lot about Whistler where he had planned to go for the bike park. Somewhere I'd heard a… »

Escape Mavericks Campervan Review

Why we booked Escape I'll start off by saying that the USA is HUGE, and therefore it really is recommended that you have your own transport to get around easily whilst you're there. Our first… »

New Zealand you beautiful mofo

Our second week in New Zealand saw us in the southern most part of the South Island, and with it we were blooming cold. The greatest downfall of the Jucy that we've found so far… »

Great Barrier? More like EPIC Barrier Reef!

The Great Barrier Reef was the only place in Australia that we actually knew a little something about, but even then we didn't know too much apart from that it was meant to be spectacular… »

99 Problems But A Beach Ain't One

After New South Wales we headed to Queensland and spent the rest of our remaining time in Australia there, travelling up along the East coast from Gold Coast to Cairns. Our first stop was an… »

Wait, so Sydney isn't the capital?

After over 1000km and more than 12 hours of driving over the course of a few days we finally arrived in Sydney. In England a drive of that length would take you up, across the… »

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Our top 10 travel tips

We've been travelling for just over six months now and in that time we've been to many different places and experienced different cultures. Here's our top travel tips gained from our own experiences… 1.… »

Our Top 12 Travel Apps

When we were planning our year abroad we read conflicting advice on whether to take a smartphone. Most people & blogs said yes, but some were adamant that you shouldn't in case it gets stolen.… »

Oi Oi! – Hoi An & Hanoi

It's quite a mouthful Hoi An and Hanoi isn't it? It is also VERY easy to get their names muddled up when you're speaking about them, Josh and I have done this many times now.… »

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City & Mui Ne

We'd heard Vietnam was amazing from friends who'd been travelling before us, from Jack Whitehall's recent series on Netflix we'd seen that it was quite a cultural place and from books we'd read we knew… »

Bali – Kuta & Ubud

If you know anything about Indonesia then you'll know that it's made up of a ton of islands (over 17,000 of them), picking which islands to go to during our month there was our… »

Pai – The Land of Chill

How do you describe Pai to someone that hasn't been there yet? A very green and quiet town in the middle of mountains, filled with hippies and travellers. The only problem is getting there, especially… »

How can food this cheap be this good

We left Bangkok hoping for something a little smaller and as nice as Bangkok was, a little more chilled. We found it. A common theme throughout our time in Thailand so far has been increasingly… »

I think I'm in love with Thailand

Going to Thailand was one of the things I was most looking forward to – my grandad used to talk fondly about his visits with my nan, friends had talked about it, the culture looked completely… »

Three & a bit days in Athens

Wednesday 27th We got up early on our last day in Giannitsochori and packed our stuff, leaving our tent behind for another volunteer to use as well as our sleeping mats. We said goodbye to… »

Goodbye Archelon!

This post is an absolute monster. It covers our last ten days at Archelon. It did also originally contain our time in Athens but that was just too long so we separated it out. Saturday… »

I can't believe it's been a month already

Josh and I have now been in Kyparissia for over 3 weeks, we've completely settled in and are loving the camping lifestyle as well as all of the conservation work that we're doing. We're loving… »

Adventures in the French Alps

This is a very long post, if you make it to the end I'll be surprised. Expect the posts to get shorter as time goes on. The first stop on our travels was the French… »

“You must be so excited!”

Well, yes - and no. Today was my last day at work, I'm now unemployed. That's a scary thing and I did it intentionally, to go travelling for a year. That's something other people do,… »

The plan so far

As you may, or may not, know Nikki and I are planning to travel around the world for a year soon. It's been a long time coming, made longer by us getting married last summer;… »