“You must be so excited!”

Well, yes - and no.

Today was my last day at work, I'm now unemployed. That's a scary thing and I did it intentionally, to go travelling for a year. That's something other people do, other people who have got things more figured out, or less figured out, I don't know. Either way, I'm unemployed.

Unsurprisingly it's daunting, saving up for a year of travelling and quitting your job. Almost everything in the year ahead is unknown. Unknowns are hard to get excited about. It's easy to get excited for a two week holiday, you know roughly how it's going to go. But a 52 week holiday? That's just too much to think about in one go.

That's not to say I'm not excited, I am, but that it's like a kid in a sweet shop. You know you're excited, just because you must be; you're in a sweet shop – but there's so much in front of you that you can't focus on any one thing.


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