The plan so far

As you may, or may not, know Nikki and I are planning to travel around the world for a year soon. It's been a long time coming, made longer by us getting married last summer; which was when we originally planned to leave! Finally though our trip is coming around fast and we'll soon be leaving England to start our round the world adventure.

We leave on the 21st of July and plan to come back to England sometime in summer 2018.

Our first stop is France for an activity week in the Alps run by Trek Co with some of Nikki's colleagues from her school (she's a teacher).

Then we fly over to Greece to spend two months volunteering with Archelon, doing conservation work to help protect sea turtles.

After Greece we'll fly to Thailand and plan to spend a few months travelling around Southeast Asia.

Depending on how long we spend in Southeast Asia and how our budget is fairing we may hop over to Australia and New Zealand for a month or so before making our way over to the USA.

Canada is the last definite destination on the list, partly because it makes geographic sense to visit it last and partly because I plan to go mountain biking in Whistler and am slightly worried I might injure myself and would rather it happen at the end of the trip!

If I come away from Whistler unharmed and we have some money left we might stop off in Iceland on our way back to England.

So that's the plan so far. We've got travel and accommodation sorted for France and Greece so far, the rest will be organised/made up nearer to the time as we'll have no specific time constraints for the rest of the trip.


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