Our top 10 travel tips

We've been travelling for just over six months now and in that time we've been to many different places and experienced different cultures. Here's our top travel tips gained from our own experiences… 1.… »

Our Top 12 Travel Apps

When we were planning our year abroad we read conflicting advice on whether to take a smartphone. Most people & blogs said yes, but some were adamant that you shouldn't in case it gets stolen.… »

How can food this cheap be this good

We left Bangkok hoping for something a little smaller and as nice as Bangkok was, a little more chilled. We found it. A common theme throughout our time in Thailand so far has been increasingly… »

Three & a bit days in Athens

Wednesday 27th We got up early on our last day in Giannitsochori and packed our stuff, leaving our tent behind for another volunteer to use as well as our sleeping mats. We said goodbye to… »

Goodbye Archelon!

This post is an absolute monster. It covers our last ten days at Archelon. It did also originally contain our time in Athens but that was just too long so we separated it out. Saturday… »